Consider participating in a conference call (tomorrow, Thursday) on the topic of the HathiTrust Research Center.

A HathiTrust Research Center User’s Group Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday), June 11 from 3-4 o’clock-ish:

    Who - anybody and everybody
   What - a discussion of all things HathiTrust Research Center
   When - Thursday, June 11 from 3-4:00 Eastern Time
  Where - via the telephone: (812) 856-3600 or (317) 278-7008 with PIN 803140#
    Why - because both you and they have something to offer librarianship

More specifically, Thursday's conference call is about at least two things: 1) your concerns regarding the Center, and 2) a discussion of my fledgling "Workset Browser". [1, 2] This is an opportunity for you to learn the why's & wherefore's of the Center, as well as influence the direction of programming initiatives. For example, you can learn more about the Center's authorization and copyright restrictions. You can also discuss how you think the Center can provide support for the digital humanities and text mining. 

[1] HathiTrust Research Center -
[2] blog posting describing the "Browser" -

Eric Lease Morgan
University of Notre Dame