Much like my HathiTrust Research Center Workset Browser, I have been able to create a (fledgling) “browser” against the EEBO-TCP content:

  I have begun creating a “browser” against content from EEBO-TCP
  in the same way I have created a browser against worksets from
  the HathiTrust. The goal is to provide “distant reading” services
  against subsets of the Early English poetry and prose. You can
  see these fledgling efforts against a complete set of Richard
  Baxter’s works. Baxter was an English Puritan church leader,
  poet, and hymn-writer. [1, 2, 3]...

  The EEBO-TCP Workset Browser is not as mature as my HathiTrust
  Workset Browser, but it is coming along. [15] Next steps include:
  calculating an integer denoting the number of pages in an item,
  implementing a Web-based search interface to a subset’s full text
  as well as metadata, putting the source code (written in Python
  and Bash) on GitHub. After that I need to: identify more robust
  ways to create subsets from the whole of EEBO, provide links to
  the raw TEI/XML as well as HTML versions of items, implement
  quite a number of cosmetic enhancements, and most importantly,
  support the means to compare & contrast items of interest in each
  subset. Wish me luck?

   1. Richard Baxter (the person) –
   2. Richard Baxter (works) –
   3. Richard Baxter (analysis of works) –
  15. HathiTrust Workset Browser –

For more detail, please see the blog posting —

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Eric Lease Morgan
University of Notre Dame