Hi Jennie,

I'm interested in being a part of the Safari test.  My responses are below.


Name: Tim Gallati
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Job title: Senior Librarian
Location: San Diego
Why do you want to be a Safari user tester?  Qualcomm's use of Safari is growing and I have never used it!  It would be great to be a tester from a new user perspective.  Also, this may be a great way to become more familiar with Safari as well as getting a glimpse into what's in the pipeline in terms of design and user experience.

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Hey all!

I've been doing user research for Safari ( <>), where I work as the Product Engagement Manager, and we're looking for people to test our product and designs. We're looking for both current members as well as people who've never heard of us (and everything in between!), so if you are interested at all in Safari, whether or not you've used it, please reach out!

We're happy to compensate you for your time either with Safari discounts or gift certificates.

If you are interested, send me a quick email with the following information:

Job title:
Why do you want to be a Safari user tester?:

Also, if you're interested in joining our team, we're hiring for a bunch of
positions: <>
I'd be happy to talk about working here if you have any questions.



Jennie Rose Halperin | Product Engagement Manager @safari | <>