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GOKb, the Global Open Knowledgebase, is a community-managed project that aims to describe electronic journals and books, publisher packages, and platforms in a way that will be familiar to librarians who have worked with electronic resources. I’ve been working on the project since it started working with others to gather requirements, develop the underlying data models and specify functionality for the system.

GOKb opened to ‘public preview’ in January 2015, and you can signup for an account and access the service at <>

Several hundred ejournal packages, and associated information about the ejournal titles, platforms and organisations have been added to the knowledgebase over the past few months. Alongside this work of adding content we have also opened up APIs to interact with the service.

We are interested in:

* Understanding how people would like to use data from GOKb via APIs (or other mechanisms)
* Getting some use of the initial APIs and getting feedback on these 
* Getting feedback on other APIs people would like to see

The current APIs we support are:

The ‘Coreference’ service
The main aim of this API is to provide back a list of identifiers associated with a title. The service allows you to provide a journal identifier (such as an ISSN) and get back basic information about the journal including title and other identifiers associated with the journal (other ISSNs, DOIs, publisher identifiers etc.). 

Documentation: <>
Access: <>

OAI Interfaces
The main aim of this API is to enable other services to obtain data from GOKb on an ongoing basis. Information about ejournal packages, titles and organisations can be obtained via this service

Documentation: <>
Access: <>

Add/Update API
This API supports adding and updating data in GOKb. You can add new, or update existing, Organisations and Platforms. You can add additional identifiers to Journal titles.

Documentation: <>

We also have a SPARQL endpoint available on our test service (which contains test data only). The SPARQL endpoint is at <>, and a set of example queries are given at <>

Feedback on any/all of this would be very welcome - either to the list for discussion, or directly to me. We want to make sure we can provide useful data and services and hope you can help us do this.

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Owen Stephens
Owen Stephens Consulting
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