The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) has introduced a new membership
model to make participation more accessible to all organisations with a
commitment to ensuring long term access to digital content. Alongside the
new membership model, OPF has also established a software supporter model
to ensure the sustainability and future development of open source software
tools in its stewardship.

‘Over the last year the OPF has established a solid foundation for ensuring
the sustainability of digital preservation technology and knowledge’’
explains Dr. Ross King, Chair of the OPF Board. ‘Our new strategic plan was
introduced in November 2014 along with community surveys to establish the
current state of the art. We developed our annual plan in consultation with
our members and added JHOVE to our growing software portfolio. The new
membership and software supporter models are the next steps towards
realising our vision and mission.’

‘We are an international not-for-profit organisation’ adds Ed Fay,
Executive Director of OPF. ‘We carry out a range of activities to meet our
members’ priorities but we also support a number of digital preservation
services and tools which are open to the whole community. These all require
time and resources to sustain. It is only through commitment and
contributions from our members and supporters that we are able to continue
our work to sustain digital preservation technology and knowledge. We look
forward to welcoming new collaborators who share this commitment to
advancing digital preservation.’

The new membership model opens participation to organisations of all sizes.
The membership tiers are based on the annual operating budget of your
organisation. Membership is available in two categories: Charter and
Affiliate. Charter members steer our strategy and annual planning. They
also benefit from exclusive or priority access to our interest groups,
training and events, and support in adopting and maintaining our open
source software products. Affiliate members have access to the outputs of
our activities and may choose to contribute effort in lieu of subscription
fees to further digital preservation for the benefit of the community.

The software supporter model allows organisations to support individual
digital preservation software products and ensure their ongoing
sustainability and maintenance. We are launching support for JHOVE based on
its broad adoption and need for active stewardship. It is also a component
in several leading commercial digital preservation solutions. While it
remains fully open source, supporters can steer our stewardship and
maintenance activities and receive varying levels of technical support and

For more information about becoming an OPF member or software supporter

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providing its members with reliable solutions to the challenges of digital

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