Greetings Code4Libbers,

If you are a digital archive developer, and you are concerned about the impact of climate change on the archival profession and the history we seek to preserve, then this email is for you.

I'm emailing today to tell you about a new initiative known as ProjectARCC<> (archives & climate change). If you're on other listservs and saw the announcement already, please excuse cross-postings.

Founded on Earth Day in 2015, ProjectARCC is a new internationally-focused task force of archivists striving to motivate the archival community to affect climate change. We believe that archivists, the preservers of history for future generations, should be as passionate and concerned about preserving a habitable and safe planet for future generations. Our mission is four-fold:

  1.  Protect archival collections from the impacts of climate change
  2.  Reduce our professional carbon and ecological footprint
  3.  Elevate climate change related archival collections to improve public awareness and understanding of climate change
  4.  Preserve this epochal moment in history for future research and understanding

Last week we soft-launched our new website at<>, and you can read our story at

We are looking for someone with a developer background to give advice on website usability and navigability. We also seek to gather data and visualize climate change related archival collections, where they exist, and the how they document this moment in history. Climate change is a multi-faceted issue; how can we document and elevate the conversation and history of this event and the climate change movement that is preserved in our collections?

We look forward to achieving our mission through collaboration, activism, outreach and education within and beyond the archival community. If you're interested in getting involved, collaborating, sharing ideas, or learning more, let me know!

Many thanks,