AVPreserve is currently accepting applications for the role of Senior
Consultant. Senior Consultants at AVPreserve are the face of the company.
They are responsible for using their expertise and all available resources
to contribute to envisioning, formulating, planning, synthesizing, and
implementing strategies and solutions in alignment with the goals and
objectives of our clients and the AVPreserve vision. They are expected to
be a leader in the company, mentoring and developing AVPreserve staff and
providing support on AVPreserve projects where needed, as well as a
knowledge leader among colleagues and within professional organizations.

AVPreserve provides a wide array of services, and our team members require
diverse skill-sets in order to contribute across a range of those
offerings. At this time we are particularly looking for people who can
immediately step into roles providing services in the areas of data
management and governance, data migration, data flow, and data modeling;
the implementation of digital preservation standards, policies, and best
practices; and the identification and integration of digital asset
management procedures and systems in both production and archival
environments. Applicants should have 5 years experience in at least one of
those areas as well as existing proficiency in the use of applicable
hardware, software, and computing language(s), along with the willingness
to gain expertise with additional skills as needed.

For further details and application instructions, please visit our website

AVPreserve is a consulting and software development firm focused on
leveraging a deep understanding of technology, information management,
business, and people to advance the ways in which information is used for
the benefit of individuals, organizations, and causes. Our team consists of
internationally recognized experts with years of experience working with
academic, media and entertainment, government, museum, broadcast, and
corporate organizations.

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