My library no longer has an Internet Archive Scribe in-house, and we are looking at how to support more local digitization, submitting those digitized items directly into HathiTrust. 

If your library is submitting locally digitized content to HathiTrust, we'd be interested in hearing what you've come up with for supporting that workflow and its technical requirements. 

We've been discussing building  a small application to support the following functions:
 - adding items to a "to digitize" queue --- including some data required by Hathi, to be identified and input by preservation staff: title, bibliographic record number, item barcode, enumeration/chronology/volume of item
- digitization staff marking which items are ready for submission (digitized and passed quality control)
- addition of successfully digitized items to a batch
- compilation of the MARC-XML required by HathiTrust for a batch
- building the zip files of digital content (with required technical metadata) for submission to HathiTrust
- marking a batch off as successfully submitted to and accepted by HathiTrust, which would remove related data from the application

But we don't want to reinvent any wheels. Thanks for any info on how you've successfully supported this work. 

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