Dear NDSA S&P Working Group members:


The NDSA Coordinating Committee would like to update the Working Groups on the selection process for the next NDSA host organization. As you know, we received interest from five organizations and a sub-group of the CC talked with each of them about the strategic and operational benefits of each potential partnership. The CC drafted a letter to outline the next NDSA membership agreement and set expectations between the next host organization, the CC, and NDSA members.


Through September 28, 2015, the CC is seeking comment and feedback on the letter from Working Group co-chairs and members. In addition, External Advisors are reviewing the terms outlined in the letter. The CC requests that WG co-chairs circulate the draft letter (see below) with their members and ask for comment. After this review of the terms outlined in the letter, a members-only announcement of the next NDSA host is expected by September 30, 2015 with a public announcement and press release on October 15, 2015.


If you have any questions, as always, please contact Micah Altman [log in to unmask] . Let Abbey Potter ([log in to unmask] ) know if you would like an LC staff member or other CC member to attend your next WG call or to talk more about the transition process.


Link to draft letter.  You’ll note that the name of proposed host is not included in the letter, and it is represented by “XXXXX.” Comments can be added directly to the document.


Feel free to use this listserv for any discussion.





Erin Engle

Digital Archivist

Library of Congress

National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program


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Twitter: @ndiipp