----- Official Job Posting -----

Harvard Business Publishing is an idea-driven company with a commitment to
improving the practice of management. We're a wholly owned subsidiary of
Harvard University serving customers across three primary markets:
educational institutions, corporations, and individual managers. The
Corporate Learning division of Harvard Business Publishing provides blended
learning and online performance support solutions that address development
for emerging and experienced leaders and managers.

Reporting to the Technical Services Manager, the Senior Sales Engineer
actively drives and manages the technology evaluation stage of the sales
process and is an integral member of the Sales and Information Technology
teams. Working as a key technical advisor and advocate for our products,
the Senior Sales Engineer closely follows the customer through the entire
process of implementation. In order to be successful in this role, the SSE
must be able to articulate technology and communicate the value of our
products to our buyers, as well as to Business IT Management, developers,
architects, and technical prospective users while being flexible in using
language and terminology that is appropriate and understandable for the

----- Unofficial Job Information -----

This is a role on a small, friendly enterprise support team.  The
organization is a hybrid of publishing and tech as well as academia and
business.  Mostly it functions like a small software company, but there are
a bunch of writers wandering around making the rest of us look

The role is not strictly sales engineering.  Yes, there is some of that.
There is also SSO and data feed work, security conversations, a bit of
project management, a bit of enterprise support.

If you are currently working in library systems and you've done some
project management, if you've ever helped data go from one system to
another, and if you know how to be nice to people who are less (and more)
technical -- you might be the right person for our team!

Alternatively if you are a tech who has strong people skills and you are
ready to get out of the basement, you might also be the right person for
our team.

Code is helpful (when is code not helpful) but not required.

Good benefits, good work/life balance, good manager, 3 weeks vacation,
bonus, no travel. Hiring timeline is business standard (not academic).

Feel free to contact me directly with questions:  [log in to unmask]