You might find the Dublin Core Generator helpful, particularly the advanced
option - Both the
advanced and basic versions allow you to save the output to a file. The tool
is intended for training purposes, from what I understand.

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> Sometimes the Dublin Core documentation uses "Dublin Core record" to
> describe XML records that use Dublin core vocabulary, for example:
> Those records do use the Simple and Qualified Dublin Core XML Schema <
>>, which basically layout a list of
> simple elements with DC labels that may contain strings and possibly a
> language attribute.
> I don't imagine "Dublin Core records" exist in the wild, but I have
> seen records that include the DC XML Schemas and to make use of the DC
> namespace.

Cool. From one of the links above I see a viable schema:

And yes, I haven’t seen any Dublin Core records “in the wild” either, but
based on the information above, they apparently can exist. Thank you.