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The ALCTS Metadata Interest Group seeks presentation proposals for the two-day ALCTS Virtual Pre-conference “Faster, Accurate, and More Reflective: Assessment and Automation of Descriptive Metadata” prior to the 2016 ALA Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL. This pre-conference is scheduled to take place online during late May or early June (specific days will be determined at a later date in consultation with speaker availability).  

This virtual pre-conference will feature two programs:  

Program Topic 1: We can do it, you can too! Metadata Automation for Everyone

Descriptive metadata creation is the most time consuming task, yet it provides the greatest access to digital content.  Automating aspects of this work can lead to greater efficiency and accuracy. This program will feature brief presentations on metadata format transformation, repurposing formats like EAD or MARC, reconciliation through Open Refine, or clean-up of legacy data to be followed by breakout group sessions led by the presenters to help attendees work through potential scenarios at their institutions.  

Potential topics could include:

- Creation of metadata workflows or tools for discipline-based metadata schema and repositories (internal and external)

-Demonstration of home grown tools, workflows, procedures

-Demonstration of open source tools

Participants will gain awareness of data conversion tools and processes (such as XSLT, OpenRefine, MarcEdit, and others) and be able to translate that information into their own institutions and workflows.

Program topic 2: Assessing the Impact of Metadata Reuse

The case has been made for opening metadata for reuse.  But what is being done with metadata?  What are the methods for assessing the reuse of metadata?  How is it being used?  Has it impacted research and discoverability?  This program will look at case studies and meta studies about the impact of metadata reuse and what that means for the future of metadata creation.

Potential topics could include:

- Case studies measuring metadata reuse

- Tools and techniques for measuring metadata reuse

- Impact of metadata creation on discoverability

- Metrics for assessing discoverability

Participants in this program will be able to identify ways to assess the impact and reuse of their metadata and maximize their metadata creation efforts in the futures.

Presentation details:

There will be two presentations for each program.  Presentations will be 30 minutes in total -- 20 minutes for the presentation, 10 minutes for questions. The deadline for proposals is January 6, 2016.  Proposals may be submitted through this form : https://goo.gl/hM5X0T  

If you have any questions about the program or difficulties with this form, please feel free to submit your proposals directly by email to [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask] .

Thank you!

ALCTS Metadata Interest Group Programming Chairs:

Liz Woolcott, Utah State University

Anna Neatrour, University of Utah

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