The 75th issue, coinciding with the 20th anniversary, of Ariadne is  

Amongst other articles, this issue contains:

"Lost Words, Lost Worlds" on preservation, indexing and searching if  
the semantics behind terms drift over time.

"Ariadne is not the only fruit" in which some other LIS online  
publications, including the code4lib journal, get a shout-out.

"FIGIT, eLib, Ariadne and the Future" in which five editors of Ariadne  
from 1996-2016 look at how the UK eLib programme changed the  
information landscape and what might happen soon.

+ + + + +

Content is being taken or discussed for issue 76 and issues  
thereafter. If you fancy writing in Ariadne, the (treat this  
holistically) scope is:

"Articles should be from practitioners involved with libraries,  
museums or archives detailing something that they've actually done in  
one of those places that is of interest to people working in the same  
field elsewhere."

As ever, Ariadne remains free to write in and free to read. Once an  
article is processed it goes online, so there's no significant delay  
from when it's done to when people can start reading your words.

Interested? Then contact the editor, Jon Knight, either on email:

... or through the contact form on the website.

John Kirriemuir
Ariadne Editorial Board