Consultant Developer(s) for EAD search application
Western Connecticut State University

Western CT State University has applied for a grant from the NEH to
makeimprovements to a statewide EAD search application
called the CT Archives Online [(](http://library.wc We are looking for a consultant developer or
developers to help carry out those improvements.

Proposals are due by March 1, 2016.

A link to the rfp:[

The CAO application will continue to:

* search EAD files  
* be no charge for access or participation  
* have a Web based interface  
* have few encoding requirements for EAD submissions  
* have simple and advanced search - with the ability to scope to one orall repositories  
* provide result sets showing collection level metadata  
* provide search results that contain a "show relevant containers" linkthat would show hits of the search term in the EAD inventory (in archdesc) andshow the component container information (in c0x tags) associated with the search term  
* provide faceted results showing common access points among the searchresults  
* provide a system for submission of EADs  
What we want to improve upon:

* Improve the user interface of CAO.  
* Increase efficiency and update dependencies of CAO stack  
* Improved file sharing paradigm  
* validate files upon submission for well-formedness and for validnessagainst the schema/or DTD  
* Exposure of the CAO dataset to Google  
* Increase efficiency of in-context search  
* allow phrase searches  
* provide a "cart" for items a user wants to set aside from searchresults  
* ability to send cart contents to a repository's archivist  
* add links within daotags to search results  
* Track analytics to show the number of users and types of searches andgeneral site behavior  
* make the CAO application deployable for other consortial finding aidsearches 

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