A bunch of us have expressed interest in starting a meet-up group for Mass/Greater Boston LibTech'rs so that's what we did.

What is the Boston LibTech'rs? This is a group for anyone interested in libraries wanting to get together with other library folk to talk shop or not. This is not exclusive to any one librar* type, if you're interested (or in) libraries and technology join us! Meet-ups will be monthly and will be around the greater Boston area including but not limited to Somerville, Medford, and Cambridge. The goal of this group is to bring together like minded people in an informal way to develop connections, pull together resources of knowledge, make friendships and to encourage each other. 

If you are: 
-in Mass/Greater Boston area (meet-ups will be in the Greater Boston area) 
-interested (or in) Libraries and technology
-interested in a monthly meet-up

Join us! The *official* Meet-up group is here: 

If you have questions/concerns/insight let me know.  

-Whitni (@_whitni in the Twitters)