You are invited to participate in the DLF Assessment Interest Group’s (DLF AIG) working group on Metadata<> in 2016. There is more information about the group below, but first a few words about participating in DLF AIG.

The only requirement for participation in a DLF AIG working group is a willingness to dig in and devote a small part of your time contributing to the tools, methods, and body of knowledge on digital library assessment. Joining the DLF AIG listserv, a working group’s listserv, or attending a first working group meeting does not commit anyone to anything. DLF AIG encourages everyone to check out a working group before deciding to become an active contributor. Attendance at the DLF forum is not a requirement for participation in any of the working groups. Additionally, if your institution is not a DLF member, you can still participate.

Introduction to Metadata Working Group
The Metadata Working Group aims to build guidelines, best practices, tools and workflows around the evaluation and assessment of metadata used by and for digital libraries and repositories. The group hopes to offer deliverables and recommendations that digital library and repository users can implement for metadata assessment and metadata quality control efforts. The 2016 direction and goals of the group will be decided by the community during the first call as well as during preliminary discussions via the Google Group<!forum/dlf-aig-metadata-assessment-working-group>. Find out more about our current aims and possible directions by reviewing, commenting on, or editing this Google Document<>. The bottom of that shared document<> also has links to some existing metadata assessment practices, discussions, and tools that this group hopes to build off of.

How can you participate?
Anyone who works with metadata in any way and has an interest in building or evaluating existing metadata assessment best practices, tools, and guidelines is welcome to join this working group. To take part and/or keep up with monthly call announcements (starting in late January), discussions, work, documentation, and group goals, join the Metadata Working Group Google Group<!forum/dlf-aig-metadata-assessment-working-group>.

Please contact Christina Harlow<mailto:[log in to unmask]> with questions about the Metadata Working Group. For questions about the larger DLF Assessment Interest Group, contact the DLF AIG co-leaders, Joyce Chapman [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> and Santi Thompson [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

Thank you for considering participating in the DLF AIG!

Christina Harlow
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DLF AIG Metadata Working Group!forum/dlf-aig-metadata-assessment-working-group
DLF AIG Metadata Working Group Preliminary Document