Creating Content Intelligence: Harmonized Taxonomy & Metadata in the
Enterprise Context
*DCMI/ASIST Joint Webinar*

*:: Presenter:* Stephanie Lemieux
*:: Date:* Wednesday, 27 January 2016
*:: Time:* 10:00am - 11:15am EST
         (UTC 15:00:00 - World Clock:
*:: Registration:*


Many organizations have content dispersed across multiple independent
repositories, often with a real lack of metadata consistency. The attention
given to enterprise data is often not extended to unstructured content,
widening the gap between the two worlds and making it near impossible to
provide accurate business intelligence, good user experience, or even basic

How do you bring all those disparate efforts together to create content
intelligence across the organization? This webinar will describe the
benefits and challenges in developing metadata and taxonomy across multiple
functional areas, creating a unified Enterprise Content Architecture (ECA).

Hear about real enterprise metadata & taxonomy harmonization projects in
different contexts, including a greeting card company, a media company, an
automotive manufacturer and a consumer food manufacturer. See how they
worked to harmonize across a number of diverse systems that supported
multiple functions, from creative processes to manufacturing to reporting.

In this webinar, you will learn:

   - how the concept of Enterprise Content Architecture unifies multiple
   disciplines, including information management, data management and content
   - the difference and similarities between master data and business
   - how enterprise-level metadata and taxonomy helps drive semantic
   interoperability and improve business processes;
   - how taxonomy can be harmonized across diverse systems and provided as
   a service; and
   - how to build support and governance for enterprise-level attention to
   taxonomy and metadata from within a project.

*Participant Experience Level:* Basic familiarity with taxonomy and
metadata assumed.


*Stephanie Lemieux* is the President and Primary Consultant at Dovecot
Studio. She is a passionate advocate of taxonomy, search and other
marvelous pursuits in content organization. She has worked with
organizations in various industries, such as Nickelodeon, General Mills,
UPS, and the United Nations. Prior to focusing her energies on Dovecot
Studio, she was a senior consultant and taxonomy practice lead with Earley
& Associates. She speaks, blogs and writes whenever she can to help spread
the good taxonomy word. Stephanie has a Masters degree in Library and
Information Studies (MLIS) from McGill University with a specialization in
knowledge management.


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