Dear Content Working Group members,


Happy New Year!  We’re looking forward to a great year ahead with NDSA’s new administrative host CLIR/DLF.  Our WG is scheduled to meet today, January 6, but instead of having a call, we’re hoping instead that you could spend a few minutes on a couple of questions for planning in 2016.  In our December 2 meeting we talked about opportunities to evolve as a working group as we transition to DLF, including revisiting our statement of purpose, identifying opportunities for collaboration across NDSA Working Groups (Standards, Infrastructure, Innovation), and scheduling more member presentations.  So, based on this initial feedback, we are now asking the following:


1.       Our meetings in 2015 focused on working with creators of content in specific challenge areas identified in the 2015 NDSA National Agenda for Digital Stewardship.  Are there new/different topics or projects that you would like to see as a focus for the CWG in 2016? These can be short or long term projects with few or many contributors!


2.       The Content Case Studies were identified during the December 2nd call as a project that several of you would be interested in working more on. Please review the list of completed case studies and let us know what content areas you’d like to see worked on next and what content areas you’d like to contribute to.


3.       Would you be willing to provide an informal 5-10 minute member presentation to start out our meetings in 2016?  These have been a great way to get to know other members, the content they work with, and current challenges. Following the member presentation, your institution could be featured on the NDSA blog.


4.       Do our meetings on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:00 a.m. Eastern work?  Are you finding that you’d like to participate, but can’t due to scheduling conflicts?    


Thanks for your feedback! 



Christie Moffatt and Abbey Potter

Co-Chairs, NDSA Content Working Group