Dear Code4Lib list,

On behalf of EuropeanaTech
<>, the R&D branch of
the Europeana Network I would like to share the Task Force Report
on the EuropeanaTech FLOSS Inventory <>.

The Task Force had three clear goals

   - Assessment, enrichment and improvement
   - Gathering new software and tools
   - Improvement of FLOSS taxonomy

The FLOSS Inventory has been a staple of EuropeanaTech for several years,
with community engagement becoming more intensive in the past 6 months.
Similar to projects like the DiRT Directory does for digital humanities,
the FLOSS Inventory contains over 200 tools relevant for the digital
cultural heritage sector.

EuropeanaTech is putting efforts, along with the Netherlands Institute for
Sound and Vision towards improving the development, implementation and
sustainability of OS tools in Europe and improving developer collaboration.

The FLOSS Inventory is a stepping stone towards understanding what exists
in the ecosystem, what has fallen by the wayside and where are the areas
for improvement.

We would greatly appreciate any feedback or views on the standing of DH and
DCH OS developer communities around the globe as we move forward with our
research. We're always up for a discussion and we're nice!

With warm regards and a special thanks to all the Task Force participants,



*Gregory Markus*

EuropeanaTech Community Manager

Project Assistant

*Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision*
*Media Parkboulevard 1, 1217 WE  Hilversum | Postbus 1060, 1200 BB
Hilversum | *
** <>
*T* 0612350556

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