Humanities/Digital Archivist
Alabama State University

Alabama State University, Academic Affairs/Levi Watkins Learn Center, invites
applications for the position of Humanities/Digital
Archivist. Under direct supervision of Coordinator of
Public Services, provides reference and information services to the academic
community and works with library digital projects.

Duties and responsibilities:

  * Manage digitization projects for the library, scan metadata creations and upload items into the digital management system, mange workflow and conduct quality checks, and prepare items for retrieval and display.
  * Serve as a subject liaison for the Department of Humanities, the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, and the Department of History, to facilitate selection of appropriate resources for curricular and research needs.
  * Prepare required reports.
  * Handle general and in-depth reference questions at selected hours with primary responsibilities at the Special Collection and Information desk.
  * Guide faculty, staff, and student in the effective use of humanities resources by providing traditional and we-based instructional training that support the ACRL informational literacy competency standards.
  * Teach information literacy classes for the assigned subject areas of archives and humanities using digital resources in the creation of teaching modules, bibliographies and other finding aids.
  * Participate in inventories of library materials.
  * Assist in the provision of archival services in campus museum projects.
  * Participate in scholarly communication imitative and actively collaborates in outreach initiatives with collegiate faculty in these disciplines.
  * Engage in research and scholarly publishing.
  * Collect and analyze data from surveys and other assessment measures for select reports.
  * Serve on library teams, attend university functions, and perform other duties as assigned.

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