Applications Programmer 3
University of California, San Diego
San Diego

The Library Information Technology Services (ITS) Program develops,
implements, and supports sustainable, high quality technology services. The
Information Technology Services Program provides technical systems and
solutions in support of all UC San Diego Library Programs and their associated
strategic imperatives. To facilitate communication and coordination, the
Information Technology Service program aligns its service offerings with
associated Library programs and provides technical and project management
expertise as needed to support the objectives of those programs.

The ITS Development and Web Services team is seeking an experienced software
developer to join our team. To remain at the forefront of research, discovery,
teaching, and service, UC San Diego strategically and purposefully integrates
equity, diversity, and inclusion into all of its efforts. Successful
applicants will have demonstrated commitment to working with individuals from
diverse backgrounds and will be expected to engage in the mission of building
an inclusive community that fosters equal opportunity for all members .This
position contributes to the development of the Library Digital Asset
Management System (DAMS), a digital repository designed to store and manage
digital assets of UC San Diego. This includes Library digital assets as well
as research data curated from across UC San Diego as part of the Integrated
Digital Infrastructure initiative( Research data
includes scientific, medical, social science, arts, and humanities data. This
position supports existing DAMS applications and services in addition to
developing new features and capabilities to allow for better search and
discovery, ingestion and management of content, creation of exhibits, as well
as integration with the larger research and library communities such as the
Digital Public Library of America(, SHARE(http://www.share-, and the California Digital Library(

The Digital Collections web application in the DAMS environment is a Ruby on
Rails web application using the open source Hydra( and
Blacklight( projects. UC San Diego Library is a
committed Hydra partner and contributor along with a growing worldwide
community of over 47 licensed contributing institutions and 180 licensed
contributing individuals. The DAMS repository backend will use Fedora 4
(, an open source repository system for the
management and dissemination of digital content. This position is expected to
monitor and contribute to both the Hydra and Fedora open source communities as

This position also works in close collaboration with the Library Operations
group to continually refine and optimize the software development, deployment
automation and release management workflows and processes. This includes the
evaluation, implementation and configuration of continuous integration and
deployment using tools such as Bamboo, Jenkins, Travis CI, Capistrano, Vagrant
and Ansible. The position also contributes to the configuration and workflow
integration of static analysis and test suite automation services such as Code
Climate, Coveralls, Rubocop, and Gemnasium.

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