In the past few years, we have been delighted to see more and more 
developers of both themes and plugins contacting us on our <a 
list</a> and on the <a href="">forums</a>. That 
has made us curious about who all of you are, and what can we do better 
to help you.

With that in mind, we've put together a short survey to get to know you 
better. It'll take about ten minutes. We're asking about where you are, 
what kinds of places you work for, and what kinds of Omeka development 
you do.

We'll use this information to guide our documentation and outreach 
efforts. Personal information, of course, will not be exposed or sent to 

We'd like to hear about any level of Omeka development, from building a 
plugin to hacking a couple lines of a theme. All those activities are 
important to us, and knowing about the people and projects that spur the 
activity will help tremendously. Please fill out and share <a 
href="">the survey</a> if you have written 
or hacked Omeka code.

We'll start compiling and analyzing the data on February 19, so 
responses before then are much appreciated.

Many thanks,

Patrick Murray-John
Director of Omeka Developer Outreach