Please have a look at the Theological Commons at Princeton Seminary:

It's responsive. Unfortunately we don't have OAI-PMH set up (someday).
Currently the only "API" is that if you take a URL like and replace "id" with "xml" you get the
underlying XML document (which is a home-grown schema, not a standard
library one, embarrassingly).

(End of shameless plug.)


Gregory Murray
Director of Academic Technology and Digital Scholarship Services
Princeton Theological Seminary Library
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>Hi all,
>I am asking about interesting digital collection tech due to some personal
>research I am doing.  I have looked a bunch of digital collection sites
>lately and outside of NYPL <>, I have
>mostly seen bland, non-responsive but functional CONTENTdm sites or old
>late 90s early 2000s static HTML exhibit sites.  Given the kind of web
>tools and UX methods we have now I am curious if people can point me to,
>tell me about, more interesting user friendly designs/systems?  I see talk
>of responsive design and data interoperability via OAI-PMH and APIs, but I
>must be looking in the wrong places as I am seeing very little evidence of
>it being put into action.  If anyone can point me to more interesting
>pastures I would appreciate it.
>Matt Sherman