> I want to make a plea too, not to fragment Code4Lib, but rather to consolidate
> EZProxy knowledge to post these queries to the EZProxy list.
> For good, bad or indifferent, OCLC is putting together an EZProxy community
> wiki and for those EZProxy folks who come after you, who are not C4Lers, I ask
> that whatever info go there.

If we're going to go that far, why not also put it in the existing system? 

Honestly, I'm expecting much from the wiki. I tried using the community resource as it is now in the past and have had errors, things disappearing, etc.  I think I may have put something up in the community site, but honestly, I'm probably never going to log in again if I don't have to. A lot of it is simply poor management and needless restrictions, which will be the same no matter what software they use.

This particular question is definitely a FAQ and someday I'll get around to trying to write up something and I'll put it up ..somewhere. Maybe even just up in github and send it to the link.

I don't see the harm in repeating info here.  I'm guessing folks who find this new information aren't already on ezproxy and won't be on there. They're not likely to find it either, the ezproxy-l list doesn't seem very well exposed to searching.

> (@Jon, kind of looking at you because I worry that EZProxy expertise such as
> yours will get lost. I know it seems impossible, but one day we may all go on to
> other work. I for one am looking forward to an exciting second career as a
> Starbucks barrista; I hear my Master's degree will serve me well there ;-)

I'm guessing no matter where or how I put the information, people will still ask the questions :).  My learned knowledge about ezproxy is combined a bit from the mailing list, a large part in just reading the OCLC documentation, and a little from ./ezproxy --help or whatever it is :).

I'll try to dump some of the info or create an FAQ one of these days, but it probably won't be today.

Or, of course, someone else could visit and type in the search box wildcard and summarize the various emails on the topic ;).

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Library IT
University of Illinois
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