If you're looking for some open-source code to help with the transliteration of URLs, the Transliteration Drupal module ( would likely be a great start to draw from. It takes Unicode text and tries to represent it in US-ASCII characters. 

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>> Interested to hear if there's a 4th, best option.
>I don't know about the broader issue - looo��'v&BF�F�BF�67W76���Ф'WB��F��2W���RB�V7B��B6VV�2w&��rF�&RW6��r��W22F�PЦ�FV�F�f�W"B���&V6W6R��W2&V�wBV�VR�v�B�V�2v�V���R�VV@ЦU$�f�"��F�W"&�"��"��F�W"�F��33�B3�33�&V'&�&�33�G�W2��3�Ц�GF��F���Ц�W&R֖v�B&R�W6R&WGFW"�FV�F�f�W'2��F�RU$��B6�FR�7FWF�Rv���PЦ�W77��77VR�РТ��R6�G2���f�'�F�vW"VvW&ǒv�F��rf�"F�R&V�v�&�BF������R��РТ���G�