First off, thank you to everybody who has already volunteered to help out at Code4Lib 2016!

There are still a few spots where we could use some help, though. If you haven't already volunteered, please consider one of the following:

*         Conference Logistics: One more person needed to help with set up on Monday.

*         Social Networking: One more person to answer general questions on Twitter and IRC throughout the conference. One person to ask questions on the microphone on Thursday on behalf of the community.

*         Livestream: Three people to serve as backup minders of the livestream equipment if the technician needs a break. We need one person each for Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

*         IRC (Technical): One person to be available before sessions begin to demonstrate how to get onto #code4lib and to offer support for newcomers in #code4lib during the conference.

To sign up, just edit the wiki page at and add your name to the list for the job you'd like. If you need a wiki account, please email Ryan Wick at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]:[log in to unmask]>>. If you'd prefer not to get a wiki account just contact me and I'll be glad to add your name to the volunteers list.

See you in Philadelphia!

Kathleen Haley, for the Onsite Volunteers Committee

Kathleen M. Haley
Information Systems Librarian
American Antiquarian Society
185 Salisbury St.
Worcester, MA 01609

phone: (508) 471-2147
e-mail: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>
AAS website: American Antiquarian Society<>