Dear Members of the DLF Tribe,

The Digital Liberal Arts Exchange is a project that is trying to
imagine a more collaborative and networked approach to sustaining
digital scholarship efforts on campus.

We're running a crowdsourcing site at that
offers the following challenge

"Imagine a new, exchange-based approach to supporting digital
scholarship that is deeply collaborative, allowing members of a
network to share expertise, work together on projects, teach each
other new methods, and share what we’ve learned with one another.
Below you’ll find a set of ideas for what such an exchange might look
like, and some of the challenges and opportunities we would face in
launching such an exchange."

Please take 15 minutes to read through the ideas within. Vote on them.
Comment on them. Add your own thoughts. Our plan is to sift through
this material as we construct our plan for launching our exchange. The
people designing this exchange meet again in mid March, so we ask that
you contribute before then.

What would you like to gain from such an exchange? What might you be
able to contribute? Which of the ideas below resonate with you? Which
ones seem untenable or worse? What ideas do you have that aren’t yet
under consideration?

The exchange is intended to meet the needs and interests of the
members of the exchange. Tell us what your needs and interests are!"

I hope that this community can find time in the coming weeks to
provide us with some input, feedback, and new ideas that can help us
create an exchange that will serve us all well.

Thanks for considering this.

All best,

-- mike

Michael Roy
Dean of the Library
Middlebury College

mobile: 860 301 2611
twitter: @michaeldroy
skype:  roymichaeldonald
polycom: 712611
fax: nope


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