Hello CWG,

Please find below the action items from our WG meeting earlier this month.

We're scheduled to meet next on Wednesday, March 2 at 11 a.m. Eastern. We'll be in touch with the agenda soon.  In the meantime, check out the now publicly accessible NDSA wiki at To edit the wiki, you can log in with the exact same account credentials that you used previously.

Christie Moffatt and Abigail Potter
Content Working Group co-chairs

Action items:

*           Consider possible transition of working group structure to Interest Groups (broad) vs. working groups (small, perhaps of short duration, focused on a specific project or topic).
*           Review the Purpose Statement for the Content Working Group for possible revision/update: "The Content Working Group is focusing on investigating guidelines for the selection of significant content, discovery of at-risk digital content or collections, and engaging all stakeholders in the process of acquiring the content, preserve it, and provide access to it." Participants in the call who were involved in developing this statement agreed to take a look and propose changes (Bradley, Margie, Katherine).  Members expressed in interest in more cross-working group engagement.
*           Review "Actionable Items" sections of NDSA Content Case Studies<> produced so far for project ideas in 2016.  Report on actions taken on the case studies. For example, Edward will work with DLF to report on the Dodging the Memory Hole events that focuses attention on preserving born-digital news.
*           Consider developing new Content Case Studies as a means to engage all members of the community in the preservation of a specific area of content and to encourage the cultivation of relationships that could enable preservation.  These could be developed broadly around areas of concern outlined in the National Agenda or Digital Stewardship, or in more specific areas, like event-based content.


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