NDSA S&P working group:

Our next call is scheduled for February 29, 1-2 pm ET

Our main topic of discussion will be a report out of recent conferences and events.  This message is a call for volunteers to share an update with the group.

We already have a couple of NDSR Boston unconference volunteers lined up (thanks, Erin and NDSR volunteers!), but would like to identify a few more folks willing to talk about conferences they've attended in the last few months with content of interest to S & P.

A few possibilities came up on our January call, but please shoot me a quick email if you're willing to be put on the agenda.

These updates can be super quick and casual - assume 5 or 10 minutes.

For example, did anyone attend:

anything else good?

What do we need to know about?  What interesting projects did you hear about?

And while I'm at it, if you feel inspired to play a leadership role in this working group or know of someone who might, please get in touch.  S & P needs you!

Meg Phillips
External Affairs Liaison
National Archives and Records Administration


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