I created an experimental web app to move in this direction when I was at
the TMC Library, although we didn't implement it. It was a modest start (it
kept track of links that had been used and offered them back up to the
user, with an algorithm built in to try and avoid the "click here" naming
problem). I decided to use web storage instead of an account model, since I
think people get tired of creating accounts . . . although if the account
could be tied into a single sign on solution it would probably be okay (due
to the nature of the TMC library we didn't have such a solution in place).
I presented on the topic at SCC/MLA last year and there was a lot of
interest. Eventually I'd like to allow people to "edit" the look of web
pages on the site and save their state.

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> I'm doing some exploratory research on personalization of academic library
> websites. E.g. student logs in, the site presents books due dates, room
> reservations, course list with associated course readings, subject
> librarians.  For faculty members, the site might present other information,
> such as how to put material on course reserves, deposit material into
> institutional repository, etc.   Has anyone looked into this, or tried it?
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