On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 10:29:20AM +0100, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
> Alas, the Code4Lib mailing list software will most likely need to be 
> migrated before the end of summer, and I’m proposing a number possible 
> options for the lists continued existence. 
> I have been managing the Code4Lib mailing list since its inception 
> about twelve years ago. This work has been both a privilege and an 
> honor.

Thank you!!!

> The list itself runs on top of the venerable LISTSERV application and 
> is hosted by the University of Notre Dame. The list includes about 
> 3,500 subscribers, and traffic very very rarely gets over fifty 
> messages a day. But alas, University support for LISTSERV is going 
> away, and I believe the University wants to migrate the whole kit and 
> caboodle to Google Groups.


> Personally, I don’t like the idea of Code4Lib moving to Google Groups. 
> Google knows enough about me (us), and I don’t feel the need for them 
> to know more. Sure, moving to Google Groups includes a large 
> convenience factor, but it also means we have less control over our 
> own computing environment, let alone our data.

Personally, I loathe and detest the Google Groups interface.  Mailing 
lists are mailing lists.

If you're interested, Eric, I have some experience with Mailman (though 
not with Listserv) and would be happy if I can -- I have some scripts to 
do bulk operations (add or remove subscribers, etc.) and could also help 
to migrate the list archive.


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