On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 02:01:42PM +0000, Jiao, Dazhi wrote:
> At IU we are running our OPAC using Blacklight. From time to time 
> there are some catalog errors that would cause errors in our custom 
> code to extract fields from the MARC records. For example, sometimes a 
> subfield may unexpectedly appear in a field, or an expected subfield 
> is accidentally named to another subfield.
> While we can catch these errors in our code, we’d also like to be able 
> to discover them and notify the catalogers before the records are 
> exposed in the discover layer. I wonder if anyone here has experiences 
> with some MARC validation tool for this purpose?

Are you talking about low-level structural problems, like the record 
length field (Ldr/00-05) not matching the actual record length?  Or 
high-level errors, like a 245 field without a subfield $a or an invalid 
country code?

If it's the latter, Bryan Baldus wrote a Perl module (MARC::Lint) that 
looks pretty comprehensive:

It includes a script (marclint) that you can use directly from the 
command line.

If it's the former, I've attached a Perl script I wrote (marcdiag) that 
catches most low-level errors.  It only has one dependency -- 
Getopt::Long, which is pretty standard but not part of a core Perl 


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