Hi all,

I won’t be able to make this call today but I saw that Preservation Storage is on the agenda and wanted to mention something about it. A few of us are organizing a workshop for iPRES 2016 in Bern to facilitate a discussion about Preservation Storage. The central question we are exploring is if the attendees could agree on a relatively short list of “principles” of preservation storage that we could refer to as good practices. This could be useful for example within our institutions when talking to our IT departments about storage requirements, or when talking to third party vendors about their storage solutions.

If you plan to be at iPRES 2016 in Bern, have a keen interest in this topic, and went to help organize this workshop please contact me off-line to talk about it. The workshop proposals are due April 11 so there isn’t much time to draft and submit this but workshop proposals can be brief. I think it would be a nice tie to the NDSA Infrastructure work if some of you were involved in this.

I’m cc’ing the Standards & Practices working group in case there is interest there.


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Good morning everyone,

We are meeting today at 2 PM. The agenda and call-in information is below.


  *   NDSA Working Group Proposal<>
  *   Round Robin Updates
  *   Discussion - DuraSpace and Lyrasis Intent to Merge<>
  *   Discussion - Preservation Storage<>

To join go to:<>
Call 202-750-4186<tel:202-750-4186>. No PIN needed.

Nick and Sibyl


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