That statement is pretty old.

Today, much of the internet is written for machines or by machines.  Poorly
written rehashed fluffy content dominates.  As time goes on, even though
search algorithms are getting better and the general public is getting more
savvy about how to use a search engine, the problem is that lots of the
content is written mechanically.  Information literacy hardly helps for
some searches, because there are searches where every hit was written only
for SEO value with no agenda beyond SEO value.

I think the way forward is a focus on how to push out quality content to
machines, rather than focus on how to sift through fluff or focus on how to
purchase quality from monopoly vendors.  Librarians also tend to fall into
the rut of doing what they have skills and training to do, and years of
experience in information literacy training are easily rolled into more
information literacy training.


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> Hello,
> "Google can give you answers, but librarians give you the right answers."
> Is it me? Or is there something wrong with this statement?
> I've been hearing statements like this since I've been in the field.
> Tonight I saw a public library post on FB:
> Library: "because not everything on the internet is true"
> Some people applauded the statement and were like: "yay librarians!"
> Others thought it was a very ignorant statement. And many patrons caused a
> huge backlash. It was interesting as the library responded to the irritated
> patrons.
> Thoughts?
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