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> My questions are:
>   * What remote authority databases are available programmatically? I
> already know of one from the Library of Congress, VIAF, and probably
> WorldCat Identities. Does ISNI support some sort of API, and if so, where
> is some documentation?

Depends on what you have in mind. For databases similar to your example, I
believe ORCID has an API. GNIS, ULAN, CONA, and TGN might be interesting to
you, but there are tons more, particularly if you add subject authorities
(e.g. AAT, MeSH). The Getty stuff is all available as LoD.

  * I believe the Library Of Congress, VIAF, and probably WorldCat
> Identities all support linked data. Does ISNI, and if so, then how is it
> implemented and can you point me to documentation?
>   * When it comes to updating the local (MARC) authority records, how do
> you suggest the updates happen? More specifically, what types of values do
> you suggest I insert into what specific (MARC) fields/subfields? Some
> people advocate $0 of 1xx, 6xx, and 7xx fields. Other people suggest 024
> subfields 2 and a. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Implementation would be specific to your system and those you wish to
interact with. The MARC record is used to represent/transmit data, but it
doesn't actually exist in the sense that systems use it internally as is.

Having said that, I think the logical place to put control numbers from
different schema is in 024 because that field allows you to differentiate
the source so it doesn't matter if control numbers overlap