Cataloger/Taxonomist/Librarian NASA
Science Systems and Applications, Inc.

Are you a master cataloger and organizer? Have you ever
said "there's a taxonomy for that?" Are you interested in the adventure of
undertaking a brand new project at NASA?

[Science Systems and Applications, Inc.]( (SSAI) is hiring a
taxonomist/cataloger to spearhead a new effort within NASA's Earth Sciences
Division (ESD).This position will be located at NASA
Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. The main objectives of
this project, and the responsibilities of the position, are to:

+ Develop and maintain a procedure for identifying and cataloging all new,
web-based content produced by ESD on a daily basis (e.g., stories, imagery,
videos, original social media).

+ Develop and maintain a process for associating (through cataloging) ESD
content with related NASA Earth science data.

+ Develop and maintain new taxonomies as necessary in order to facilitate the
above cataloging. Maintain and enhance existing relevant taxonomies as

+ Develop and maintain daily processes for curating the Earth Observatory
Natural Event Tracker (EONET) catalog of natural events. Curation involves
identifying new events, determining applicability for inclusion in the system,
and determining the closing of events that have ended.

+ Document the above processes and procedures.

+ Educate, train and promote the use of the taxonomies and the catalogs.

You will work in collaboration with communication and domain experts from
throughout ESD in order to determine taxonomy requirements and business needs.
You will work with web application developers to implement the catalog and
APIs (application program interface) to support catalog syndication. You will
work with stakeholders and other internal users to understand the role that a
properly curated and cataloged collection of resources can be used to meet
multiple needs throughout the agency.

**Required Qualifications**  
+ Master's degree in Library and Information Sciences, knowledge management,
information management, or related, or a BS/BA degree and related professional

+ 3+ years experience working with catalog and classification systems.

+Understanding of taxonomy development, controlled
vocabularies, and ontologies.

+Excellent English language skills.

+Superior written communication skills, particularly
spelling and vocabulary.

+Strong research, analysis and problem solving skills.

+Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

**Preferred Qualifications**  
+ Knowledge of Earth science topics and remote sensing.

+Basic coding/scripting experience (Perl, PHP, Python, or
other languages of choice).

+Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

+ Knowledge of relational databases and SQL.

+ Project management experience.

+ Experience establishing information management best practices; architecting
and designing the application of metadata standards, controlled vocabularies
and data rules.

+ Entrepreneurial experience and desire is highly desired.

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