If the annotated bibliography is already in XML form, or if the data it is
suited to a hierarchical structure, you may want to consider using a
native XML database (the most common open-source ones are eXist and BaseX)
and querying it with XQuery.


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>Hi all,
>I am looking to pick the group brain as to what might be the most useful
>database software for a digital project I am collaborating on.  We are
>working on converting an annotated bibliography to a searchable database.
>While I have the data in a few structured formats, we need to figure out
>now what to actually put it in so that it can be queried.  My default line
>of thinking is to try a MySQL since it is free and used ubiquitously
>online, but I wanted to see if there were any other database or software
>systems that we should also consider before investing a lot of time in one
>approach.  Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated.
>Matt Sherman