Web and Mobile Applications Developer
Kansas Historical Society
Kansas Museum of History

The [Kansas Historical Society]( (KSHS) seeks an innovative,
future-thinking web and mobile applications developer with a passion for using
technology to enhance the cultural heritage organization customer experience.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to:

  * Update and enhance the Historical Society's flagship websites, []( and [](;
  * Develop web and mobile applications to improve access to KSHS archives, museum, and archeology collections;
  * Design web and mobile applications to streamline delivery of KSHS services;
  * Contribute to KSHS initiatives to ensure the long-term preservation of digitized and born-digital collections;
  * Create interactive exhibits for the KSHS museum and historic sites.
Preferred qualifications for the position include knowledge of:

  * Application development best practices, tools, and techniques;
  * A web programming language, such as PHP or Python;
  * A web development framework using the Model-view-controller architecture, such as CakePHP or Django;
  * Web markup, including HTML5 and CSS;
  * Web content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, or concrete5;
  * Relational database systems and SQL in support of web applications;
  * Responsive web design;
  * Search enhancement technologies, including search platforms such as Solr;
  * Web application load and performance testing tools;
  * Web analytics, including tools such as Google Analytics;
  * Mobile application development on multiple platforms, including both iOS and Android;
  * Web and mobile application accessibility requirements and technologies;
  * Linux operating system; software versioning and revision control systems (e.g. Subversion), and the Apache web server.
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