Hi Jennifer,

Išm currently using Morae for some usability testing, and have been happy
with it, mostly, though I imagine the options others have suggested are
great too. If you do go with Morae, one thing to note about Manager is
that (I believe) itšs the only way to convert the output video files from
Moraešs proprietary format, RDG, into more universal file formats, such as
.wmv/.mp4, so that you can play/edit outside of Morae. So not having
access to Manager after using Recorder could be a dependency for parallel



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>I'm at a small public university and we do regular pop up usability
>testing, but want to purchase Morae and start doing some screen
>capturing. Since the license is rather expensive, I'm trying to do as
>much "sharing" among staff as I can within the bounds of what TechSmith
>allows and what is practical. I talked to TEchSmith person today, and
>they allow you to have multiple people using it on a shared computer.
>Your license gets you one copy of the Morae Manager, and unlimited copies
>of Recorder and Observer.
>My question for those of you who have Morae... Do you think it would be
>practical or advisable to install the single copy of Manager on a laptop,
>so that the laptop could be shared between multiple departments in
>various buildings? You don't use Manager during the actual testing, it is
>more for set up and analysis, so they said most people install that on
>their "good" computer. But installing it on a laptop might mean we could
>get more use from it. Is there anything I should think about before
>proceeding with this? We don't have a usability lab, so would probably
>purchase a dedicated shared laptop(s) for this. (I know I could use
>cheaper software, but I just got back from ER&L and was impressed with
>what I saw people doing with the TechSmith product.)
>Jennifer DeJonghe
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