Yet another wheel reimplemented!

I wrote the code to read MarcXML and write JSON a while back, but still point to Ross' post as part of my documentation.

Thanks, Bob!


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If you are looking for the spec that was detailed in that post, I cannot 
help you.   If you are looking for a tool to actually perform the 
conversion and produce output that conforms to that spec it can be done via the Marc4J library.

If you are interested I can give specific information about how to do that.

-Bob Haschart
University of Virginia Library

On 4/12/2016 4:53 PM, LeVan,Ralph wrote:
> I'm playing around with Elasticsearch and need to convert MARC to JSON.  Of the various proposals to do that, I liked Ross Singer's the best.
> arc-in-json/
> Sadly, that link is dead.  Any chance of reviving it?
> Thanks!
> Ralph
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