Hi Jennifer,

I don't know if it would fulfill all of your requirements, but it might be
worth taking a look at the open source project "OBS -- Open Broadcast
Software" at

It can handle multiple inputs like webcams + screen recording.

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> I'm at a small public university and we do regular pop up usability
> testing, but want to purchase Morae and start doing some screen capturing.
> Since the license is rather expensive, I'm trying to do as much "sharing"
> among staff as I can within the bounds of what TechSmith allows and what is
> practical. I talked to TEchSmith person today, and they allow you to have
> multiple people using it on a shared computer. Your license gets you one
> copy of the Morae Manager, and unlimited copies of Recorder and Observer.
> My question for those of you who have Morae... Do you think it would be
> practical or advisable to install the single copy of Manager on a laptop,
> so that the laptop could be shared between multiple departments in various
> buildings? You don't use Manager during the actual testing, it is more for
> set up and analysis, so they said most people install that on their "good"
> computer. But installing it on a laptop might mean we could get more use
> from it. Is there anything I should think about before proceeding with
> this? We don't have a usability lab, so would probably purchase a dedicated
> shared laptop(s) for this. (I know I could use cheaper software, but I just
> got back from ER&L and was impressed with what I saw people doing with the
> TechSmith product.)
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