Is that 1524 dpi for Batch A a misprint? If not, that's very likely to be
your problem -- I doubt that's what the vendor really scanned at.

If you change the dpi values and try to reload, my guess is you'll get very
different results.


On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 2:40 PM, Bernadette Houghton <
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> We have had some test scans made of a pressed flower album, and are
> mightily puzzled by the difference in quality when we process the resulting
> JPGs through BookReader. There are 2 batches, each taken by different 3rd
> parties.
> For Batch A, the original JPGs are ~3-4MB each, 1524 dpi, 24 bit depth.
> When passed through the BookReader, the resulting JPGs are ~20-25KB, 150
> dpi, 24bit depth.
> For Batch B, the original JPGs are ~700KB-1MB each, 200 dpi, 24 bit depth.
> When passed through the very same BookReader, the resulting JPGs are
> ~80-85KB, 150 dpi, 24 bit depth.
> For Batch A, the quality when viewing in the BookReader is atrocious. Not
> surprising, I guess, given the resulting files are so small. Batch B comes
> up 'OK' in the BookReader.
> What I can't figure out is why is it that Batch A comes out most poorly
> after being processed by BookReader, given the original file sizes and
> resolution are so much larger than Batch B. Can anyone shed any light?
> When I look up the exif data of the files, Batch A has a compression
> factor of 6; while batch B is 1. Could this have anything to do with it?
> Thanks.
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