We are pleased to announce the latest release of veraPDF. Version 0.14
features Transparency and Unicode character map validation in PDF/A-2
levels B and U. Other highlights include:

*Conformance checker:*

   - added all transparency-related validation rules in PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3
   - added full Level U support in PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3
   - code refactoring to synchronize GUI, API and CLI interfaces
   - PDF/A-1B fix: check both Tiling patterns used as different fill and
   stroke colour spaces in the same painting operations
   - added initial versions of PDF/A-2U, PDF/A-2A, PDF/A-3U, PDF/A-3A
   validation profiles. We now have initial validation for all PDF/A flavours.

*Test corpus:*

   - added a further 65 atomic test files for PDF/A-2 specific requirements


   - a demo of the REST interface is available at

*Download veraPDF 0.14:*
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*Release notes:*
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This is the first release of the final design phase which began on 19 April
following the PREFORMA Project EC review at their Open Source Workshop
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veraPDF is building the definitive, open source PDF/A validator. The
project benefits from a high level of development resource and PDF/A
expertise. Please support our efforts by downloading and testing the
software. If you encounter problems, or wish to suggest improvements,
please add them to the project’s GitHub issue tracker
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. You can expect a speedy response. Your feedback is very important, it
helps to improve the software.

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*About veraPDF*
Led by the Open Preservation Foundation and the PDF Association, the
veraPDF consortium is developing the definitive open source, file-format
validator for all parts and conformance levels of ISO 19005 (PDF/A). The
software is designed to meet the needs of memory institutions responsible
for preserving digital content for the long term.

The veraPDF consortium is funded by the PREFORMA project. PREFORMA
(PREservation FORMAts for culture information/e-archives) is a
Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) project co-funded by the European
Commission under its FP7-ICT Programme
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Becky McGuinness | Community Manager
@openpreserve | Skype: becky.mcguinness1

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