*Mindful Tech: Establishing a Healthier and More Effective Relationship
with Our Digital Devices and Apps <>*

*Tuesdays, June 7 and 14, 2016, 1:00 – 2:30 pm Central TimeDavid Levy,
Information School, University of Washington
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“There is a long history of people worrying and complaining about new
technologies and also putting them up on a pedestal as the answer. When the
telegraph and telephone came along you had people arguing both sides—that’s
not new. And you had people worrying about the explosion of books after the
rise of the printing press.

What is different is for the last 100-plus years the industrialization of
Western society has been devoted to a more, faster, better philosophy that
has accelerated our entire economic system and squeezed out anything that
is not essential.

As a society, I think we’re beginning to recognize this imbalance, and
we’re in a position to ask questions like “How do we live a more balanced
life in the fast world? How do we achieve adequate forms of slow practice?”

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Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this well known program by
David Levy, based on his recent widely reviewed and well regarded book
“Mindful Tech” <>. The
popular interactive program will include exercises and participation now
re-packaged into a 2 part webinar format. Both parts will be fully recorded
for participants to return to, or to work with varying schedules.

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This two part, 90 minutes each, webinars series will introduce participants
to some of the central insights of the work Levy has been doing over the
past decade and more. By learning to pay attention to their immediate
experience (what’s going on in their minds and bodies) while
they’re online, people are able to see more clearly what’s working well for
them and what isn’t, and based on these observations to develop personal
guidelines that allow them to operate more effectively and healthfully.
Levy will demonstrate this work by giving participants exercises they can
do, both during the online program and between the sessions.


*David M. Levy* is a professor at the Information School of the
University of Washington. For more than a decade, he has been exploring,
via research and teaching, how we can establish a more balanced
relationship with our digital devices and apps. He has given many lectures
and workshops on this topic, and in January 2016 published a book on the
subject, “Mindful Tech: How to Bring Balance to Our Digital Lives” (Yale)
<>. Levy is also the
author of “Scrolling Forward: Making Sense of Documents in the Digital Age”
(rev. ed. 2016)

Additional information is available on his website at:

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