Earlier this month the Infrastructure Group responded to DuraSpace's request
for comment <> on the Intent to Merge with
LYRASIS.  Our full note can be found here

This week we received the following note back which was proceeded by
DuraSpace's blog post about the Dissolution of Intent to Merge

- Carol
On behalf of the Infrastructure Group

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From: Debra Hanken Kurtz <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Mon, May 16, 2016 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Re: Reply on Intent to Merge
To: Carol Kussmann <[log in to unmask]>
Cc: NDSA Infrastructure Working Group <[log in to unmask]>,
Carol Minton Morris <[log in to unmask]>

Dear Carol,

Earlier today DuraSpace and LYRASIS announced the dissolution of the intent
to merge. After extensive collaborative exploration, analysis, and
discussion the DuraSpace and LYRASIS governing boards have concluded that
the best way to preserve what is best and unique about their organizations
is to work independently to continue to serve our members and communities
most effectively.

The purpose of the four month intent to merge investigation was to explore
publicly the proposal for merger in-depth. Much of what the NDSA
articulated in your document highlighted the differences we thought would
be too difficult to reconcile and ultimately, were not in the best
interests of the broader community. We shared your concerns about the
differences in membership models, approaches to openness, and continued
support of hosted services to a diverse community. While DuraSpace strives
to be commercial-friendly, we place a premium value on openness,
inclusiveness, consensus-based decision-making, collaboration,
transparency, and the contributions of our global community to sustain open
source software. We will continue to provide free and open access to
software and documentation. We will also continue to promote and champion
traditional open source principles and transparency in our communications.

We are grateful to you, our community, and to LYRASIS for their engagement
in this process. Broad community participation and contributions such as
the NDSA document identified areas for exploration that made for a more
complete and thorough evaluation. DuraSpace has deepened its understanding
of its core mission and principles and we will build on what we have
learned from this experience.

We have the utmost respect for our LYRASIS colleagues and we will look for
ways to collaborate in the future. Learning about the significant and
complementary work being accomplished by each organization on behalf of our
broad communities during the exploratory process has advanced our
understanding of our respective roles in supporting the scholarly
ecosystem. We wish our LYRASIS colleagues great success in all of their

Once again thank you for your participation and support. We look forward to
now directing all our energy to our community and to their community
supported open source software and related services. If you have additional
questions or concerns, I would be happy to discuss them live, via the
technology of your choice or in-person at Open Repositories or some time
when we find ourselves in the same city.

I am truly honored and excited to lead DuraSpace in this next chapter for
our organization. I look forward to greater engagement with the NDSA and
other organizations who share our commitment to preserving our cultural and
academic record.


---debra hanken kurtz


On May 5, 2016, at 10:06 AM, Carol Kussmann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Please accept the following on behalf of the NDSA Infrastructure working
group.  We reviewed the intent to merge post (
and together documented comments/concerns/questions.

Replies can be sent to the group at: [log in to unmask]

Best Regards,
Carol Kussmann on behalf of the NDSA Infrastructure Working Group



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