Dear NDSA Community,

It is now Spring. Already it has been a big year for the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, and the next nine months promise much more. In partnership with our new host, the Digital Library Federation, NDSA has renewed its public face, streamlined the membership process, welcomed a number of new members to the organization, and launched community projects.  We are writing to provide an update on events and activities, and to call for your participation in NDSA leadership, activities, and events.

At the beginning of the year NDSA renewed its public presence and communications:

Building on these improvements, membership applications and renewals are now being streamlined:

The NDSA community is now leading a number of activities for this year:

New opportunities for leadership and participation.

We encourage everyone to submit proposals to Digital Preservation 2016; to join a Working Group as member or volunteer coordinator; and to nominate yourself or colleagues for the upcoming Coordinating Committee Elections. And if you haven’t already, please follow @NDSA2 on Twitter, put November 9-10 on your calendar for Digital Preservation 2016, and send your updated contact information to

Very Best,

Micah Altman &  Bethany Nowviskie

On behalf of the NDSA Coordinating Committee

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