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> On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 9:05 AM, Miles Fidelman <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>> I'm rather surprised that nobody has suggested contacting:
>> - the American Library Association (particularly the LITA division)
>> - the Internet Archive
>> Or... the Tides Foundation ( in San Francisco) has been known to
>> act as fiscal agent and "umbrella" for small non-profit projects/groups.
>> Or... maybe even the Apache Software Foundation or FSF.
> Even if another organization is willing to serve in this capacity, it is
> essential to understand exactly what that means. How independent would c4l
> be under the arrangement? Would the relationship alter the nature of c4l
> itself?
> For example, if LITA steps up, would people need to be LITA members to
> attend events? Even if they don't have to be, would there be a shift in
> participation? How much say would LITA have over format, policies, etc?
> One of the challenges of fundraising for c4l meetings is a lot of people
> and companies (understandably) want to earmark their donation regardless
> what is actually needed. Presumably anyone willing to take on to take on
> much greater financial and administrative headaches will attach some
> strings.
> There are real advantages to working with other organizations, but there
> are downsides as well.

If the major concern is to open a bank account & take donations to 
sponsor meetings, conferences, etc. - the obvious move is to ask another 
organization to be fiscal agent and co-sponsor for the meetings/events - 
with a clear, written agreement about who does what to whom.

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