I am happy to follow up on Brian's announcement, confirming UCLA's 
agreement to serve as fiscal sponsor for this proposal. Ginny Steel, 
UCLA's University Librarian, signed a statement yesterday saying:

    /"The UCLA Library enthusiastically supports the collaborative
    effort of the Chattanooga 2017 Code4Lib Conference organizing
    committee and the Southern California Code4Lib community to hold the
    2017 conference in the Los Angles area. If the greater Code4Lib
    community accepts this collaborative proposal, the UCLA Library will
    serve as fiduciary sponsor for the conference."/

SoCal organizers have met with the Chattanooga organizers, and are 
encourage by the potential of this collaboration.

If any other local group(s) offer another proposal, we will post details 
of our collaboration so the community can decide through the normal 
voting process. If you are considering such a proposal, please let us 
know that a proposal is forthcoming.

But if there are no other proposal by July 1, we will dive in an plan to 
host another awesome Code4Lib Conference in February or March, 2017.

--Gary Thompson

On 6/23/2016 4:45 PM, Brian Rogers wrote:
> Greetings from the LA (formerly Chattanooga) Proposal Committee -
> We are pickled as punch and tickled as teeth to inform the community that UCLA Library has agreed to serve as fiscal host for the Code4Lib 2017 Conference.
> That being said, adhering to our previous post and to the spirit of openness/accountability, we wholly welcome any group who may wish to propose an alternative city for next year's conference. We realize a handful of other individuals had begun earnest conversations in their own states, and do not wish to discount or diminish any additional effort or excitement toward the goal. We know the community at-large has an investment in seeing this gathering of minds occur, and that the desire for an in-person conference is the sole motivating factor in any of our activities. As a reminder, so that any of us can make pragmatic movement toward conference planning, the deadline for proposals, with a secure fiscal host in hand, is July 1st.
> Once again, we thank everyone for their private and public input, their patience while this gets sorted out, and for their passion as a community in providing a safe and accommodating environment for folks to enjoy and contribute to the conference.
> - Brian Rogers