Senior Software Engineer
University of Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame

**Senior Software Engineer - Hesburgh Libraries of Notre Dame**  
The Hesburgh Libraries' Sr. Software Engineer is responsible for the design,
implementation, testing and maintenance of software in support of the library
mission to advance scholarship and research at the University of Notre Dame.
The incumbent of this position will work with a wide range of open source and
proprietary technology in order to build applications for the purposes of user
interaction, service delivery, data storage and retrieval, as well as the
integration of back end data services. Responsibilities include interaction
with a diverse team of analysts, systems specialists, librarians, and other
software engineers. The position requires proactive judgment, a high level of
accountability and dedication to technical excellence.

**Duties include**

  * Design, implement, test, deploy and support a wide range of software applications in support of core library objectives.
  * Architect and implement robust and dependable infrastructure components, data services, and software integration services.
  * Engage with library faculty and staff, university teaching and research faculty, as well as students at all levels in order to ensure that library software and web related services are meeting the needs of the library and the university.
  * Supply and update documentation, work with quality assurance and usability professionals
**Required Qualifications**  

  * BA or BS degree in computer science / related field or significant professional experience
  * 2-5 years of experience working as a software developer
  * Strong knowledge of, and experience with software design, unit testing, implementation and maintenance
  * Experience with web based APIs and/or microservices
  * Knowledge of systems integration
  * Experience using persistence technology such as relational databases, nosql databases, cache systems, or graph databases
  * Use of software version control systems such as git
  * Strong verbal and written skills
**Preferred Qualifications**  

  * Knowledge of programming in Ruby and Ruby on Rails
  * Knowledge and experience writing applications in front end frameworks such as React.js or Angular.js
  * Experience with web technologies and standards such as HTML, CSS and Javascript;
  * Knowledge of unit and integration testing techniques such as test driven development or behavior driven development
  * Familiarity with API data serialization formats and protocols such as JSON/JSONB, REST, SOAP and XML
  * Knowledge and experience with Coffeescript, SASS, jQuery and related technologies
  * Knowledge and experience deploying application to cloud services such as Amazon Web Service

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