Yes I think it's time to do so and I also felt that there was significant support for the idea.

I think perhaps the title "formalizing Code4Lib" might be a bit misleading though... We might want to frame the idea as "finding a permanent fiduciary agent" or something along those lines. This way, we don't have to think about major changes all at once.

I imagine it would help those who plan for Code4Lib 2017 as well, assuming that there will be a physical one.

Christina Salazar
Systems Librarian
John Spoor Broome Library
California State University, Channel Islands

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Since the Chattanooga Planning Committee inadvertently prompted this newest round of conversations around some degree of formalization, would it be useful if we threw together a follow-up survey for the community, to test the waters around support (or lack there of) for the notion of formalizing, to the extent that it allows for a stable place to house the annual conference funds? And if it seems like there is overwhelming support for the idea, a group of volunteers can band together at that point to pursue options to present back to the community?